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About Us

Blue Tree provides comprehensive IT solutions to the market.  We are also considered subject matter experts in some areas, including, risk, compliance and lending.

Our resourcing division and operations centre provide operational competence to help us deliver our core business solutions.  These include capabilities in collaboration, document and content management, business process management, mobility, social media and portal technologies. 

With expertise across multiple technologies, including Lotus Notes, Lotus SameTime, Lotus QuickR, Lotus Connections, WebSphere Portal, WebSphere MQ, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft SQL server, Microsoft operating systems, Linux and Asterisk amongst others, we provide comprehensive solutions to many industries.

With our development experience in document and content management and our ability to deliver business applications and company information through multiple platforms including portal technologies, such as WebSphere Portal or Sharepoint, browsers and mobile devices, our focus on bringing innovative solutions to market delivers feature rich content to our client's user community, be these staff or customers.  Our growing experience of mobile technologies can help any organisation extend their IT services.   

Blue Tree world-class IT solutions. Extend your business today.